Steering, Suspension & Alignment

What is wheel alignment?

Wheel alignment is defined as the measurement, analysis, and adjustment of steering and suspension angles to conform to manufacturer specifications. These angles usually include, but are not limited to: caster, camber, toe, and thrust angle. Where these angles are not adjustable and not in specification, component replacement or correction kits may be required. Errors in set-back and steering axis inclination (SAI) are often attributable to failed or damaged components and must be corrected prior to performing an alignment.

Failure to replace or correct suggested parts or service may prevent a proper alignment.

Before performing an alignment check, inspect and verify the following:
• Tire pressure and size
• Vehicle loading
• Ride height
• Steering and suspension parts

Only if the inspection reveals that all the above are within published specifications, a wheel alignment check and a proper wheel alignment, if needed, may be performed.

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Steering and suspension are complex systems made up of a variety of interdependent components. For proper vehicle handling, ride, and tire wear, a thorough inspection is required whenever suspension work is being performed.