Replacing the Blend Door and Heater Core

Here we show how you have to take the dash apart to replace the blend door. The customer was unable to regulate the temperature in the car because the blend door was broken. Same amount of work (6hrs) to do the heater core.

Video Transcript

So here we are with a Ford Expedition

With the mechanism that regulates the amount of hot or cold air coming out when you have the air conditioning or the heat on

The little door is broken.

It’s a little plastic part

So, we’re needing to do…it’s uh…taking the whole dash out

To get in, and it’s the same kind of work that we would have to do if we had to do a heater core so

Here is the dash

All of the parts from the dash

Center console

And so, here’s the inside of the Ford with the full dash removed

This part right here, this box unit here is where the heater core is

So when we do a heater core, it’s a lot of hours of work to get in there to do a heater core

So, just wanted to show everybody what it looks like when the dash is removed