Car Care Seminars

Many of our friends and neighbors are now parents of teenage drivers, so we thought it would be a great idea to offer a free seminar to teach young people some car care basics. We had a great turn out for our first seminar. Mike started with a talk about the importance of oil in your car and what happens to the engine when you drive without oil. The lesson? If you’ve got an oil leak and don’t at least add oil periodically, your engine can overheat, damaging the valves and pistons. A new engine can cost $5000.

We also showed everyone how to check the oil, where the dipstick is located, how to check your coolant, how to check and inflate your tires, as well as how to use the tools in your car to change a tire. It was great to see these kids totally engaged and taking part in the process.

Requests for another Teen Car Care seminar as well as a seminar for women were overwhelming, so become a fan of Helming’s Auto Repair on Facebook or send us your email address to to stay informed (we don’t spam). It is our pleasure to serve the community that we love so much.

-Leane and Mike Reelfs, Helming’s Auto Repair, Mountain View

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